Join us for the NavLab’péro on April 29th !

Program of the next NavLab’péro:

– Ciné-Concert : in the meeting room, short movies, produced by Raphaël will be shown, and technological music will be played in live to complete them. This music, played by Ophélie, Sam and Christian, will be improvised. And of course, you can also try!

– Exposition Automabilous : Daniel will be in the « Crew Mess » of the NavLab to show you his automatons. You will finally be able to know what kind of psycholocal traumas disturb Zébulon from  the « manège enchanté »…

– Photo filter workshop : Olivier will come to the NavLab with his photographic tools to make you discover how to use color filters and how to use them. If you want, you can try these filters on your camera bringing your own !

– Post-It challenge : for the artists, you’ll e able to create crazy drawings on the NavLab windows thanks to colorful post-its. You’re afraid of not having enough colors? Bring your own post-its to complete!

Reminder : bring something to eat or drink, or you’ll have to pay 3€ !

We will be waiting for you on April 29th at 7pm for our NavLab’péro… See you then !