Ikalogic sponsorship

Ikalogic offers solutions for analog signal generators and analyzers, very usefull to debug electronics systems.

Their products allows spying on a (UART/RS232) serial connection to get the BAUD rate and/or parity errors, up to debug of the initialisation sequence of a CMOS camera by analysing the I2C bus…

The kind of tools you would dream for if you were an ETO onboard a large luxury yacht with lots of different and complex electronics systems!

Ikalogic offered to sponsorize the NavLab and sent us the following products for free:

  • Scanalogic-2, Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator
  • ScanaPlus V2, 9-Channels, 100MHz Logic Analyzer
  • Educationnal KIT to assemble together at the NavLab

These products will join the tools already available at the NavLab’s workshop. Come and try them at the NavLab’café on the 16th of January!