We did it !

A big thank you to all the participants to the NvLab crowd funding campaign on KissKissBankBank!!!

Indeed, while I was at the Leroy Merlin show last week end, the last « KissBankers » reached the 3000€ objective of the campaign, thus opening the door to the NavLab start in Antibes. Thank you so much!

If you haven’t been part of the adventure yet, it’s not to late! The campaign is such a success that there is still 3 weeks to take advantage of the proposed rewards:

– a NavLab T-Shirt for 15€

– A discovery day at the NavLab for 20€

– A year subscription (with 1 access a mont included) for 90€ instead of 120€!

… and many more!

So don’t hesitate and go on KissKissBankBank to participate!