i3Berlin test in July

During our last « NavLab’drink » we welcomed people from the Laydrop company who build and sell an upgraded version of the Prisa i3 3Dprinter : the i3Berlin.

This machine has been widely reviewed for a better design and structure, which put it up to the level of one of the best printer on the market, but at a much affordable price, as it is sold in DIY kits.

The Laydrop/Navlab partnership allows you to buy a i3Berlin kit and assemble and calibrate it in our workshop during an event organized at the Navlab. During this event you will have everything you need to make sure you’l end up with a perfectly assembled and functionnal 3D printer. Also, this will be a great opportunity to meet other NavLab’s members and take part of great workshops and put your 3D printer to the test by contributing to exciting projects!

The i3Berlin kit only is sold 1245€ inc. VAT, 1345€ inc. VAT with the NavLab’s workshop, and 1795€ inc. VAT already assembled. Add 200€ for a double extrusion head.

To book your own i3Berlin and workshop, go on the webstore or contact us.