Offer equipment

As we are getting closer from opening, the NavLab is looking for furnitures and tools to equip the place. For instance, we are looking for:

– office furniture (desk, chair, meeting table, paper board…)

– standard tools of all kind (hammers, spanners, screw drivers, saws, snips, pliers…)

– machines (drill press, scroll saw, lathe, miller…)

– specific tools for the themed workshops (soldering irons, sawing machine, hot press…)

– computers, even old (central units, laptops, screens, printers…)

– electronics components (stepping motors, resistors, integrated circuits, power supplies…)

Each of these tools and piece of furniture would be a great help for the NavLab to start, adding to what we already have acquired. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to support us !