Obtention d’un compte sur http://sdk.bluefrogrobotics.com/

I. Requirements

A. Access

– A valid identification key and name sended by us
– To receive this key, you need to sign a NDA with BlueFrog Robotics

B. Background

– Be familiar with C# (current version : .Net 2.5 modified).
– Be familiar with Unity3D SDK. Here a tutorial

C. System

– Operating system : Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
– CPU : x86 64 bits
– USB : 2.0 port x1
– Build will be made on a 4.4+ Android tablet

D. Software

Unity 5.3.6 , install Windows and Android build packages
Android SDK 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 (installation sans studio)
JDK 1.8
JRE 1.8
NDK 10
– A text editor. Visual Studio and MonoDevelop can be installed with Unity

II. Download

Current version : a.0.3.4
You can see ChangeLogs

– Full version : Link Password : IloveBuddy or Link

  • API
  • Simulation
  • OS prefab
  • Face prefab
  • Main scene
  • Streaming assets files (manifest, opencv resources, samples)
  • Samples
  • Feature modules (vision, mapping, navigation …)

– Lite version, if you are used to dev with Buddy SDK : Link Password : IloveBuddy or Link

  • API
  • OS prefab

– Mobile version, if you want to make a mobile app to interact with the robot : Link

  • Limited API : Sphinx, TextToSpeech, SpeechToText, FaceManager, commands access for remote orders
  • Face prefab

III. Installation and login

– You have to install all needed softwares and sdk introduced in the Software section.
– Launch Unity, go to Assets > Import package > Custom package > browse to our package > add and then import all assets
– Set Unity build target to Android (ctrl + shift + B)
– Open the scene Assets/SDK/Scenes/Buddy.unity
– Go to the OS > SDKLogger gameobject
– Add your login, id key and mail address in the corresponding field, don’t forget to click on « Apply » at the top of the component list
– Press play button. If everything is good, the scene will start. If not, Unity will stop.

IV. Next step

If you succeded to start the scene, you can now take a look on our tutorial section


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