i3Berlin test in July

During our last « NavLab’drink » we welcomed people from the Laydrop company who build and sell an upgraded version of the Prisa i3 3Dprinter : the i3Berlin.

This machine has been widely reviewed for a better design and structure, which put it up to the level of one of the best printer on the market, but at a much affordable price, as it is sold in DIY kits.

The Laydrop/Navlab partnership allows you to buy a i3Berlin kit and assemble and calibrate it in our workshop during an event organized at the Navlab. During this event you will have everything you need to make sure you’l end up with a perfectly assembled and functionnal 3D printer. Also, this will be a great opportunity to meet other NavLab’s members and take part of great workshops and put your 3D printer to the test by contributing to exciting projects!

The i3Berlin kit only is sold 1245€ inc. VAT, 1345€ inc. VAT with the NavLab’s workshop, and 1795€ inc. VAT already assembled. Add 200€ for a double extrusion head.

To book your own i3Berlin and workshop, go on the webstore or contact us.

What Open Source is?

Open source1

For the NavLab family is important help people understand what open source is. We know read a lot would be boring too, for this reason we leave you the next little text who explain it.

« The term Open Source refers to something that can be modified and shared because its design is publicly accessible.

While it originated in the context of computer software development, today the term « open source » designates a set of values—what we call the open source way. Open source projects, products, or initiatives are those that embrace and celebrate open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency, meritocracy, and community development. »      *extracted from https://opensource.com

We are convinced everybody can be part of Open Source Community. If you want to join it we offer to you be part of our own family, the NavLab family! Then you can help us to make D.A.V.E. a happy reality.

To know more about him please check his landing page. http://dave.navlab.fr/

Meet Jesus, a NavLab Family member.

Hi NavLab family!

My name is Jesús, I’m a Mexican student in France and I’m currently making my traineeship in the NavLab. I’m so proud to tell you that I’m helping to prepare the crowdfunding campaign for our future member in the NavLab family; D.A.V.E.

I hope to have your support and share a lot with you.

What can I tell you about me?

  • My favorite Marvel hero is Spider-man.
  • I have a little dog waiting for me in Mexico its name is Burbuja (bubble).
  • I can draw with a pen over almost everything and I do it well (I think).
  • When I visit a new city I always have fear to take a selfie and see appear a big Chinese group behind me (lol).
  • I learned to do a correct pronunciation to the R letter when I was 15 and did it incorrectly for a long time was helped me to speak French a bit better (lol).
  • I miss Mexican food, the famous tacos but specially the Enchiladas.
  • I visited 10 country and I want to visit at least 50 more.
  • Someday I will learn German just to read the polemic book; “Mein Kampf” in its original version to have my own opinion about.
  • I want learn Russian too and visit the Red Square to say “Hi girl, you are the prettiest girl I ever seen, please marry me” to all the Russian girls over there (lol). What more? Ok, I like so much ginger girls and I still have a lot of things to share with you but maybe the next time.

Thanks to read my little description. If you have any question doesn’t hesitate to contact me.

Have a nice day! Bye.


PS. If you’re a redhead or if you know a girl like that, please talk her about me! I’m a nice guy my cellphone number is; 07 83 76 ** **. (LOL)  Don’t forget visit and help me to share the DAVE’s landing page;  http://dave.navlab.fr/  . I almost forgot, I recorded a RAP album too. 


Navlab website migrated

As you can see, the site has finally migrated to the address http://navlab.fr. This domain has been bought some time ago, but we had not had time to migrate. Hoping there will not be too much side effect, the migration procedure had been lapped by the establishment of a test site on another domain and is the subject of a document on the siteprojects’.

Open Day #4

23 January 2016
10 h 00 min - 19 h 00 min

Following the screening of the film « DEMAIN le film » followed by a debate and presentation of local initiatives in partnership with « Les colibris » Movement, we hold « on the go » discovery day for interested people to come and discover the NavLab!
From 10am to 19:00, as a normal day NavLab but with free entry

DEMAIN the movie… with local solutions

17 January 2016
20 h 00 min - 23 h 00 min

Maybe you’ve heard about « DEMAIN » the movie, a documentary about positive solutions all around the World to find solutions to environmental and social problms the world is facing today.

Affiche Antibes

This Sunday, 17th of January at 8pm at the Cinema Casino in Antibes, you can view this movie and participate to a debate afterwards where local innitiative will be shown and explained.

The Navlab will participate to explain its activities, so don’t hesitate to come and meet us !


« Make it, Play it » fully booked (again)

Howdy sailors!

Do you like games, playful events and people? Then you should book your seat for the next NavLab’s « Make it, Play it » party as we were fully booked one more time last Saturday!

A warm thank you to everyone, players, visitors and curious minds who helped us make a great and fun event in Antibes!

Subscribe to the next Games in Antibes event on our Meetup page, and subscribe to our newsletter.

40 gamers during our last « Make It, Play It » !

What a great evening we had last Saturday, gathering with Alexandre, from the « A Vous de Jouer » Game shop to enjoy the numerous games he brings every month!

DUring this eveing, you’ve discovered the NavLab, you settled in our coworking space, you got amazed by all the possibilities offered by all the digital manufacturing tools available to use in FabLabs and of course… you met and played !

A warm thank you to all for your good mood, your will to share and enjoy… Here’s a few photos as a remender for this nice party :

WordPress in Antibes Meetup

30 October 2015
18 h 30 min - 21 h 00 min

WordPress is a great tool to build websites, and we realized that people who follow our trainings will need further help while making their own websites.

With this meetup, people can gather to share their love and knowledge of the WordPress platform. They can talk about the right plugins to use, how they solved a problem or discuss about the problem they are facing and get helped.

So join the community, bring your laptop, show your work and connect with other WordPress users, entrepreneurs and graphists !