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Discover the NavLab sponsors !


Ikalogic Ikalogic offers solutions for analog signal generators and analyzers, very usefull to debug electronics systems.

Ikalogic offered to sponsorize the NavLab and sent us the following products for free:

  • Scanalogic-2, Logic Analyzer and Signal Generator
  • ScanaPlus V2, 9-Channels, 100MHz Logic Analyzer
  • Educationnal KIT to assemble together at the NavLab



Logo Lab-REV

The Lab-REV works on an ambitious project : realize all the deck equipment of a small sailing boat in a FabLab and sail a 9000 km trip to demonstrate all the possibilities offered by 3d printing and FabLab in the maritime world.

The Lab-REV is a quality partner for the NavLab, and the team will visit us during while mooring in Antibes end of 2015. Don’t miss them!

Check out htis great project on lab-rev.org

Leroy Merlin

Logo Leroy MerlinThe Leroy Merlin group recently organized an event to promote 3D printing and offered a stand for FabLabs inside their shops.

The NavLab participated to the event in Vallauris on the 18th of April and will also participate to the event organized in Nice from the 8th to the 10th of May, among with the other FabLabs of the area.

Check out the article on Owni.


TechnoSystemsTechnoSolutions is an audiovisual systems integrator, deploying innovative solutions onboard large luxury yachts.

TechnoSolutions donated during our crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank and have a display space among our other sponsors.

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